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Writing Workshop in Leiden

Craft your story, write to your truth, find your creative voice.

Write to your Truth – a One Day Writing Workshop by Clare Mulvany

Do you have a longing to write and craft your personal stories? Or perhaps you are craving some time, space and creative support to help you along your writing journey? Write to Your Truth, a one day writing workshop, led by Irish author and story coach, Clare Mulvany, is designed to do exactly that. Inspired by the tradition of myth and storytelling in her Celtic heritage, Clare has created this workshop to give you the opportunity to develop your own writing voice and craft the stories you want to share.

Mulvany, explains, ‘Story is a powerful tool and we need to learn how to tell better stories to communicate our experiences and ideas, create empathy and connect to each other. We each have a story that deserves to be heard. So I’ve designed these retreats to enable people to go deeper into their story with valuable support and feedback. Participants will leave fresh tools to spark their own creative practice, alongside new connections and insights which will continue to support their writing long after the workshop.


Date:     Tuesday 9th October
Time:     10am-5pm
Place:   NEW LOCATION: will be revealed when you book!

Your host, Clare Mulvany



To find out more  and make a booking, please visit: http://claremulvany.ie/writetoyourtruthleiden/