Hi there, it’s so nice to meet you. How are you?

My name is Annemiek (Anne for short). I’m a deep listener, a creative thinker and creative sparring partner, a dialogue facilitator and  a video interaction guide-in-training.

You can book me for creative thinking sessions (Sparkle Storms); dialogues with the aim to facilitate and spark change, or for Sparkle Sessions in which you and I research your question or dilemma in such a way that your eyes will start sparkling again. I really like the power of Sparkling eyes. That is why my company is called Sparklepower.

We can meet in my home office, at a booked location, or I can take you to a wonderful place in nature. I can also come and offer you a video interaction guidance package on location.

Please get in touch If you’d like to know more, or have a question. You can DM me on Instagram, or send me an email if you’re interested in:

* a Silent Sparkle Moment: if you have a story to tell, that you would like someone to truly listen to with all their attention;
* a Sparkle Session: if you have a question, or dilemma, that you would like to spar about, with a (provocative) catalyst;
* a Sparkle Storm: if you have writer’s block, or if you need a dusting of of your inner spark, a creative brainstorm that aims to make your own creative spark come alive again, for individuals or teams;
* a Sparkling Dialogue session: a real dialogue with 3 up to 7 people, listening with the aim not to judge, but to ask curious questions, with the aim to understand…

My main site is in Dutch, as I’m from The Netherlands. For now, besides this one,  I have 3 more pages with info in English:

* Sparkling Hearts are Everywhere
* Sparkling Moments
* Sparkling Music