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Na een dialoog vraag ik deelnemers om bijgaand kaartje in te vullen. Dit waren de mooiste reacties van 2018:









Reacties Honours studenten Domein Techniek, Ontwerpen en Informatica Hogeschool Inholland
Evaluatie Workshop Thinking out of the Box in Product Innovation, door Honours studenten, mei 2017 (Engelstalig):

This was an awesome session. With creative atmosphere and good energy, it all helped me to think out of the box. (2x)

An enlightened experience, it was obviously really different from most Honours classes. I enjoyed it a lot. (2x)

A unique and creative class with a lot of discussion.

I started thinking about the idea from a few different perspectives.

Very inspiring. This was really inspirational as it made me think outside the box on new ideas.(2x)

Was really interesting. I like the way she brought across ideas. It also helped me conceive new ideas for my product.