Sparklehearts are Everywhere

I truly believe that people could live together in peace, if they took the time to listen to and look at each other without immediate judgement but with curiosity;  if they took the time to get to know each others hearts…

That is one of the reasons I listen to people’s stories, and facilitate dialogues. It is also the reason why I collect natural hearts whenever I see one. Love is all around… On Instagram I use the hashtags #Goodheartsareeverywhere  #sparklehearts and in Dutch: #sprankelharten. On Instagram they are all phonepics with hearts, below you’ll see a few taken with my SLR. The more I post, the more I see and find…

Besides that, I  believe that you will find what you are looking for, what you are paying attention to… So… if you would like to find something, look with an open mind and you’ll probably find it! Go and do what your heart tells you to…

Star, star, teach me how to shine, shine
Teach me so I know what’s going on in your mind
‘Cause I don’t understand these people
Saying the hill’s too steep, well
They talk and talk forever
But they just never climb

– from ‘Star Star’, by The Frames



How is your heart?